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Friday, October 1, 2010

Run and keep running

I'm amazed our lawmakers put off the tax cuts.  It's such an obvious extortion game.  If we don't reelect them, we can be sure they stab us in the back during the lame duck session.  However, if we to put them back in their overstuffed chairs, they might stab us in the back anyway!  They have to pay for all of their spending or our credit goes down the tubes and our economy implodes.

Personally, I think the implosion is already underway and all the chickens running around Washington are just playing a precarious game of damage control.  Part of me hopes the two primary parties both take a beating from independents, but I also fear that will hasten the decline.  I'm not waiting till the runs on toilet paper begin and bread is $9 a loaf.

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