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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Choke on it Brazil

Obama says it's time to look for more oil in the gulf just as the exploration equipment was about to be scattered around, mostly to Brazil.  So the best stuff stays where it is.  But why?  Maybe to slap Brazil in the face for humiliating him, his wife and Oprah when they took the Olympics away from Chicago.  Brazil needs new wells to pay for the games and vacate the slums around the venues and replace them with something that looks like condos.  .<tinfoilhat>.But maybe Obama was on to the Brazilians and wanted to pay them back.  Or worse yet, what if the Brazilians sabotaged the deepwater well thinking that liberal democrats would call a halt to all offshore drilling.  This would free up the exploration gear for other regional activities, say in Braaaaazil, where hearts were entertaining Juuuuuunneee!!!!

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